Essential Cooking Tools for Making Tex-Mex at Home

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hot fajitas pan

If you love to cook, then chances are, you’ve fantasized—at least once—about having an enormous, extensively-stocked kitchen with every tool that a chef could ever need (or want). Some dishes are difficult, frustrating, or even impossible to make without the right equipment, and many others can be improved exponentially when certain utensils enter the fray. Tex-Mex cuisine is no exception …

“Mexican” Foods They Don’t Have in Mexico

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Not too long ago, we discussed the core ingredients of a Tex-Mex meal. And in that post, we acknowledged that many Tex-Mex ingredients are much more common in America than they are in Mexico. Well, some Tex-Mex foods are entirely American inventions—though they may have been inspired by traditional dishes, they’ve wandered pretty far from their roots! Here are four …

Do Spicy Foods Help in Weight Loss?

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You may have heard that spicy foods help in weight loss. Do they? They can! Researchers have found that all of us have what is known as brown fat and white fat in our bodies. Our white fat tends to lead to weight gain, while the brown fat can help our bodies lose weight because brown fat burns more calories. …