1. What are some traditional foods in Mexico? 

Some of the most popular traditional Mexican dishes include: 

Chilaquiles - a traditional breakfast dish featuring lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with salsa. Chilaquiles are usually served with fried eggs and pulled chicken on top with a healthy dose of frijoles on the side. 

Pozole - this hearty soup is often stewed for hours with either chicken, pork, or vegetables. Once it’s ready to serve, many will sprinkle lettuce, onion, and lime on top. 

Tacos al Carnitas -  a historic dish featuring slow roasted tender pork filled in corn tortillas and topped with avocado cream slaw and spicy arbol sauce.  

Tostadas - fried corn tortillas topped with frijoles, cheese, and chicken.

2. Do you have authentic Mexican dishes?

Although we’re known for serving bold Tex-Mex cuisine, we also serve authentic Mexican dishes. Our favorites include: 

Flautas - four crispy corn tortillas filled with Beef on Ranchero sauce or Chicken on Tomatillo sauce served with rice and guacamole. We top it with queso and sour cream. 

Chiles Rellenos - our house specialty. A lightly breaded Anaheim pepper with your choice of beef or chicken. For an added twist, we sprinkle the Chiles Rellenos with raisins and Texas pecans and serve it with rice and frijoles.

Tamales - two Chicken Jalapeño and two Beef Tamales served with Tomatillo and Chile con Carne sauces. 

Chilaquiles - Three scrambled eggs with crispy Tortilla strips and mild Tomatillo sauce served with frijoles and Papas Fritas. 

3. What about authentic Mexican drinks?

You better believe we serve authentic Mexican drinks. Our most authentic Mexican drink besides our many types of margaritas is the Michelada: Corona beer, lime juice, Tabasco and ice cubes in a salted rim glass.

4. What's the difference between authentic Mexican food and Tex-Mex?

There are several differences between Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food. 

    1. The sauce is probably the biggest difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food. A cheese, sour cream, or red sauce is almost always a Tex-Mex dish. However, you know a dish is authentic Mexican when it has a green sauce (Tomatillo sauce) or a mole sauce. 
    2. Chilli is the mother of Tex-Mex. Beef fajitas and beef tacos are solely a Tex-Mex dish. Beef is used so much in Tex-Mex because Texas was a cattle-heavy area and you will find more beef used in northern Mexico, closer to Texas. However, authentic Mexican food generally uses pork, chicken, or seafood, especially in the coastal regions of Mexico. 
    3. Finally, traditional Mexican food uses soft, corn tortillas in their dishes. Tex-Mex almost always uses flour or a hard taco shell. The burrito? Definitely Tex-Mex.  

5. Do you have healthy Mexican dishes? 

We do have light options for those looking to watch their calories. We offer sopa de tortilla, a tomato-based soup with Chicken and tortilla strips. Another great option would be our Lite Fajitas, which are prepared without oil over a seared vegetable medley of corn, mushroom, zucchini, broccoli, red pepper, and carrot. This is served with black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and corn tortillas. If you are straying away from red meat, we would suggest our salmon agave, grilled Atlantic Salmon filet with Agave citrus glaze served with Cilantro Lime rice and a fresh vegetable medley. 

6. Do you have traditional Mexican dishes at brunch? 

Absolutely, our favorite traditional Mexican brunch dishes are chilaquiles, which we serve with three scrambled eggs with crispy Tortilla strips and mild Tomatillo sauce served with frijoles and Papas Fritas. We also serve tamales, two Chicken Jalapeño and two Beef Tamales served with Tomatillo and Chile Con Carne sauces. Our taco bar gives you a variety of options to choose from and you decide your choice of enchiladas: chicken, beef, spinach or cheese. 

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