How to Plan a Company Holiday Party

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What are your thoughts on party planning? Are you an old pro with years of perfectly executed celebrations under your belt? Is it not your preference but something you’ll do if no one else will? Or can you honestly say that you’d rather flee the country than being put in charge of organizing a shindig?

Tacos vs. Hamburgers: Which is Better for You?

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There’s no denying it. Americans love both hamburgers and tacos. Like, alot. So much so that one could almost rephrase the old saying “American as apple pie,” to “American as hamburgers and tacos” without ever missing a beat. In fact, reported in July 2013 (from information gathered from in 2012) that Americans eat almost 50 billion (yes, BILLION) …

Why is Flan so Popular in Mexico?

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There’s nothing like something sweet to finish off a good meal or happy hour snack. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, one glance at the Postre (dessert) section of Mattito’s menu will have your mouth watering. Though each dessert has a special place in our hearts (and stomachs!) there’s one that truly takes the cake – pun intended. …

Typical Foods Served During the Christmas Season in Mexico

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The holiday travel season is fast approaching. For kicks, let’s say you’re headed south of the border this season and will be spending time in Mexico over the holiday break. Let’s also assume that you’ll be foregoing a formal hotel stay and opting for short-term stint with a Mexican family. We’re sure you want to come prepared to celebrate all …

Quinceanera and Sweet 16: Birthday Celebrations Fit for a Princess

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When you’re a child, your birthday feels like the most important day of the year. Adults tend to grumble at the prospect of getting older, but kids find the whole concept of “growing up” to be exciting. It’s no surprise, then, that birthdays associated with major milestones are viewed as especially significant. Today’s post is all about two kinds of …

Mexican Thanksgiving: Feasting Traditions

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Ask any American which holiday is most closely associated with eating, and most of us will say, “Thanksgiving!” without a second thought. But because Thanksgiving is a decidedly American (and Canadian) celebration, it’s not really a “thing” in Mexico.

All About Salsa (the Condiment, Not the Style of Dance!)

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Today’s post is all about salsa! Alright, before anyone starts thinking of swinging hips, upbeat music, and sparkly outfits, let’s clarify we’re not talking about the competitive dance style known as salsa. Instead, we’ll be discussing the condiment that’s frequently served alongside tortilla chips.