How to Plan a Company Holiday Party

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What are your thoughts on party planning? Are you an old pro with years of perfectly executed celebrations under your belt? Is it not your preference but something you’ll do if no one else will? Or can you honestly say that you’d rather flee the country than being put in charge of organizing a shindig?

Mexican Thanksgiving: Feasting Traditions

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Ask any American which holiday is most closely associated with eating, and most of us will say, “Thanksgiving!” without a second thought. But because Thanksgiving is a decidedly American (and Canadian) celebration, it’s not really a “thing” in Mexico.

All About Salsa (the Condiment, Not the Style of Dance!)

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hot sauce

Today’s post is all about salsa! Alright, before anyone starts thinking of swinging hips, upbeat music, and sparkly outfits, let’s clarify we’re not talking about the competitive dance style known as salsa. Instead, we’ll be discussing the condiment that’s frequently served alongside tortilla chips.

National Fajita Day

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Did you know that August 18th is National Fajita Day? That’s right: the third Monday in August will be a time for appreciating fajitas—that quintessential, almost-always-served-sizzling Tex-Mex favorite. We’re already getting our grill pans ready, folks!

Labor Day 2018 Fiesta Ideas

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With August in full swing, we’ve only got a few more weeks until Labor Day rolls around again. It may not be the most festive or glamorous holiday on the calendar, but it’s one of those neat Monday observances that often nets folks an extra-long weekend. What’s not to love about that?

Tips for Making Tortillas at Home

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Is there any Tex-Mex entrée that can’t be improved with the addition of a warm tortilla? The answer, in our expert opinion, is no. Whether they’re used to mop up the extra sauce and melted cheese on your plate or as a convenient vessel for rice, beans, or other messy foods, tortillas are an essential part of Tex-Mex cooking—so much …

How to Re-heat Tex-Mex Leftovers

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tex mex dinner

“I’m going to need a box!” Although no two Tex-Mex restaurants are exactly the same, there are certain qualities that we’ve all come to expect from this style of cooking.

How to Plan the Best 4th of July Party

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We’re halfway into June, folks, and that means that the Fourth of July is just around the corner. This year, July fourth falls on a Wednesday, so many people are planning to attend parties either the weekend before the holiday, the weekend after the holiday, or both. The calendar doesn’t often provide us with such great opportunities for double-celebrations, so …