Thank Your Employees: Private Party Rooms in Dallas

Posted in Holidays

We’re officially in November, folks, which means that fall and winter holidays are almost here! If you own your own business, then it’s probably time to start making plans for staff parties and celebrations. And one way to show your employees that you truly appreciate all the of work that they’ve put in this year is to book a great venue for your party.

Sure, you could take the traditional route and just set up shop in one of your office building’s break or conference rooms. But before you decide on that route, here are some advantages of private party rooms:

You can “outsource” hosting duties to the professionals.

It takes a certain kind of person to pull off a successful party. Whether you’re having a get-together at a private residence or an office building, someone has to provide—or at least make arrangements for—food, music, activities, entertainment systems, and other necessities. Not everybody enjoys all the planning and preparation that goes into throwing a shindig; in fact, a lot of people find that sort of thing to be incredibly stressful!

When you rent out a party room, though, responsibility for making sure that everything comes together properly falls on the shoulders of people who know exactly what they’re doing. Simply tell the venue manager when you’d like to have your celebration and how many people will be in attendance, and they’ll be happy to create a space that’s perfect for your event. Not only will they help you pick a room, but most venues will also offer options for amenities and catering. No fuss, no stress, and no arguments over who forgot to bring the DVD player.

And outsource cleaning duties, too.

Though some folks will cite the stress of organizing everything and making sure that their guests are entertained as the reason why they don’t like to host parties, others will admit that they don’t want to have to put everything back in its place after the guests leave. When the event is over, leftover food has to be dealt with, trash needs to be gathered up, and any spills or messes must be addressed. It’s dirty work, but someone’s gotta do it!

Fortunately, if you rent a party room, that “someone” can be a person (or, more likely, a handful of people) actually employed by the venue and getting paid to clean up after guests. Nobody from your team has to volunteer to tidy the breakroom or—heaven forbid—someone else’s house!

Party venues are a refreshing change of pace.

Most people don’t like coming into work on their days off or staying in the building past quitting time. That’s totally normal. It stands to reason, then, that having a party at your place of work is not nearly as fun as having a party at a different spot. You don’t want your party to feel like just another day at the office, and you definitely don’t want your employees to feel like they’re being dragged into work during what’s supposed to be their leisure time. The easiest way to prevent either scenario is to simply remove the workplace from the equation entirely.

Plus, going to a party room is a special treat for your employees. Renting a space definitely costs money, and it’s a much bigger deal than simply putting a punch bowl and a cake in the office kitchen. When you rent a space for your party, you show your employees that you’re taking this event seriously—and you’re serious about showing them that you care!

Getting a Table is Simpler if You Rent Out a Room.

So, let’s say that everyone in the office agrees to go to a certain restaurant for the company dinner. If everyone’s on board, is it really necessary to reserve a room? Can’t you simply show up and let the chips (and dip!) fall where they may?

Technically, you can. But that’s not really a good idea. What if your group shows up for dinner, and because accommodating so many people will require the staff to push together a bunch of tables, the host tells you that it’ll take an hour or more to seat everyone? What if everybody’s food, drinks, and desserts arrive at different times? How will you negotiate the menu options and how much to tip your servers? Will your employees be annoyed if they’re seated next to a table full of screaming children celebrating the end of a not-so-great fall soccer season?

Here’s the bottom line: when you book a party room, part of what you’re paying for is guaranteed seating. You’re also paying for a guaranteed party atmosphere!

At Mattito’s, we’re big fans of private parties. That’s not to say that we don’t love restaurant-wide fiestas, because we definitely do. But if you’re looking for a place in the Dallas area to hold your next company event—be it a holiday party, an awards dinner, or something else entirely—we’d be happy to have you over! Each of our three restaurants has two or more banquet rooms, so whether you need to book space for 20 people or 200, we’ve got you covered!

Tex-Mex food is a great choice for shindigs of all kinds. So this winter, keep Mattito’s in mind for any and all company bashes. Nothing says, “Thanks for a great year; let’s enjoy another one!” quite like a steaming plate of fajitas…or a margarita!