How to Re-heat Tex-Mex Leftovers

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“I’m going to need a box!” Although no two Tex-Mex restaurants are exactly the same, there are certain qualities that we’ve all come to expect from this style of cooking.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Cocktail Combinations for Brunch

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One of the main reasons that Mattito’s truly loves brunch is because the food and drink options are nearly endless. You’re able to order breakfast or lunch entrées, and while non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers are always available, diners are allowed—even encouraged!—to “have a drink” during daylight hours.

Why Kids Love Tex-Mex Food

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Why do kids love Tex-Mex food? The reason really isn’t very hard to figure out. It’s the taste. Think about it. You have food covered in gooey American cheese. Tomato sauce. Steak and chicken. Refried beans and rice. And zesty spices. All things that kids love. Tex-Mex for dinner? Yay! There are lots of ways to make Tex-Mex that appeals …

Avoid These Tex Mex Cooking Mistakes

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When it comes to cooking Tex Mex dishes, it’s fairly hard to make a mistake. Still, errors do happen and so we’ve put together a short list of mistakes home cooks make when they decide to serve their family and friends Tex Mex dishes. You don’t have to be a professional chef to make great Tex Mex food, but you …

4 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Next Margarita Batch

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A margarita is one of the easiest of alcoholic drinks to make: at its simplest it consists of tequila, lime juice, Triple Sec, salt, crushed ice and, if preferred, some simple syrup (for sweetening). But with the advent of flavored margaritas, many of the drink’s true aficionados are crying foul. Mango margarita daiquiris such as this have true margarita loves …