Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Cocktail Combinations for Brunch

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One of the main reasons that Mattito’s truly loves brunch is because the food and drink options are nearly endless. You’re able to order breakfast or lunch entrées, and while non-alcoholic thirst-quenchers are always available, diners are allowed—even encouraged!—to “have a drink” during daylight hours.

Chorizo: Your New Favorite Tex Mex Brunch Entree

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Like avocados, chorizo is one of those Tex-Mex staples that has seemingly surged in popularity in the last few years. Every day, more and more people are trying chorizo for the first time and discovering that they love it, but the dish’s funny-sounding name and interesting texture can lead to confusion—sometimes with hilarious results.

Weekends are Made for Brunchers

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Dear Readers, today’s post must begin with a confession: Mattito’s is an avid supporter of brunch. Eating brunch, making brunch plans, the whole concept of brunch…we love it. But does that news really surprise anyone? After all, it’s very hard for a person to actively dislike brunch. Not when it comes with the following perks, anyway:

Sunday Brunch and Champagne — What More Can You Ask?

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People are picky. That goes double when you have a big group. No matter how hard you try, sometimes it can feel impossible to please everyone. At least that’s the way it tends to go down in our family. It’s one of the main reasons why when we have a hungry breakfast crew to feed we’re looking for a family …