Sunday Brunch and Champagne — What More Can You Ask?

Posted in Family dining

People are picky. That goes double when you have a big group. No matter how hard you try, sometimes it can feel impossible to please everyone. At least that’s the way it tends to go down in our family. It’s one of the main reasons why when we have a hungry breakfast crew to feed we’re looking for a family restaurant with a little bit of everything. A brunch buffet usually does the trick, and Mattito’s Sunday brunch menu does not disappoint.

At Mattito’s, breakfast is served buffet style from 10am to 2pm, and features a full menu with everything from traditional American breakfast foods like omelets and waffles to Tex-Mex staples like enchiladas and fajitas. Who could resist? It’s truly the best of both worlds. Sometimes we even have trouble choosing whether to save room for the delicious desserts or fill up on chips and salsa.

The best part is that you get all of your favorite breakfast and Tex-Mex favorites without ever having to wait! If you’ve ever gone out for breakfast in Dallas with a large party, you know just how valuable this is. Going for brunch at Mattito’s means all we have to do is line up, fill up, and go back for seconds! It’s a perfect way to ensure the kids stay manageable and no one gets too hangry while enjoying some quality time with loved ones.

We also love that non-alcoholic beverages are a complimentary part of the buffet. Still, sometimes the adults like to kick it up a notch. Can you blame them? This is especially true on Champagne Sunday Fun-Day – a magical time when the good people of Mattito’s offer of age guests complimentary champagne all day long. Yep, you read that right. Free champagne. Did someone say mimosa fiesta?! Plus, the best brunch buffet in Dallas is only $16.99 for adults and just $6.99 for kids under 12. Now that’s what we call a party!

Don’t let the talk of Champagne Sunday Fun-Day fool you –- this is one of those Dallas brunch spots where the whole fam has fun, because family is really important here. Even the recipes have been passed down for over 50 years. The friendly, attentive staff treats everyone like family, and the festive atmosphere makes Mattito’s a great place to host a private party for up to 200 of our closest friends and relatives. The food is so good, if we can’t bring the whole clan there, we use their catering services and bring the party to us! They can provide for more than 1,000 guests, which works for our small family celebrations and is a great way to liven up the workplace.

This weekend, when we’re deciding which Dallas family restaurants can satisfy our appetites, we’re talking Sunday brunch at Mattitos. Reservations aren’t required, but we find it’s the best way to get passed the long lines, especially when it’s Champagne Sunday Fun-Day. Let the party begin!