Sunday Brunch Fun with Mattito’s

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Happy Mattito's by Chris Jagers on Flickr

Few meals are as memorable as a delicious Sunday brunch spent with friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a time when stories are told and laughs are shared. This all probably sounds like a warm and rewarding experience, right? Well, it can be.

But what happens if you chose to eat at the wrong restaurant? Nothing can ruin your mood – your meal –  faster than a waitress who is more interested in texting than taking your order. Or, what if it’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think, much less listen to your mom brag on how beautiful her grandbabies are. And we shudder to think what would happen to those hungry grandbabies if they had to wait to get sat at a table, and were then expected to be patient while their food took forever to come out. No, better they get their food in front of them ASAP so no one suffers from an epic hunger meltdown.

Still, choosing a Tex-Mex restaurant without a reputation for good food and great service is  risky. That goes double if you’re searching for a brunch buffet in Dallas. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their afternoon regretting their first meal of the day.

We maintain that if you want excellent service and food that is prepared with lots of love and little bit of spice, visit us at Mattito’s. When you eat at here, we aim to make you feel like a part of our extended family. We want to know your name, your favorite dishes, and even your dietary restrictions. We value our customers above all else. And at the risk of sounding arrogant, they seem to value our food, too. While eating breakfast, lunch or dinner at Mattito’s is a good idea, when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck nothing beats our Sunday brunch.

Brunch at Mattito’s means choosing from our impressive selection of traditional brunch dishes as well as Tex-Mex food all served buffet style. Your options range from gorditas and fajitas to waffle stations to fresh salads and everything in between. And don’t worry, we never forget the chips and salsa – a true mealtime staple! Really, who doesn’t love a good warm-up? But back to brunch. Not only does our brunch buffet have a great selection, it also tastes great. That’s why it’s not just Dallas brunch, but award-winning brunch.

We think you know what to do from here. Get on the horn, call up your brunch crew, and set a date. We’ll take care of the rest.  

If you want others to share in the joy of our Tex-Mex food, but prefer to do it from the comfort of your home or at your next event, remember that we offer catering services and party room rentals. Regardless of what time you’re dining, reservations are recommended- although not required.

Sunday brunch is only offered at our Dallas Routh Street. For more information or to make reservations, use the phone numbers below.

Routh Street: 214-526-8181