3 Ways to Make Your Tex Mex Dishes Tastier

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Tex Mex dishes are fairly easy to make, yet even the easiest of recipes can be improved upon.

Take a look below for three ways we know to make sure the Tex Mex food you prepare at home is as tasty as it can be.

  1. Always use the freshest of vegetables.

This holds true for any dish with veggies, of course. But because Tex Mex’s vegetables are so colorful (lettuce; red, yellow and green bell peppers; tomatoes, etc.) it’s even more important that you seek out the freshest produce you can find when you head out to your local grocery store or farmer’s market.

Tex Mex food dallas

Fajitas just aren’t fajitas without fresh red, yellow and green bell peppers.

Green bell peppers can stay fresh (so long as they are refrigerated) for two-three weeks after the day you buy them; red and yellow bell peppers are considered fresh for one-two weeks after purchase. Tomatoes stay fresh for one week if stored on a counter and two weeks if kept in your refrigerator.  A head of iceburg or romaine lettuce will stay fresh in the fridge for a week to 10 days.

  1. Don’t forget your spices.

It’s a myth that the more spices added to a Tex Mex recipe, the tastier the dish. Instead, the amount of spices added always should be done to your preference, not a recipe’s.

That said, spices do bring out the flavor in a Tex Mex meal. Take a look below at typical spices often used in Tex Mex dishes:

  • Red onion: often used as you cook beef and chicken.
  • Cilantro: absolutely necessary for homemade salsa.
  • Chili peppers: habanero and jalapeño are the ones used most often.
  • Lime juice: while not a spice, fresh lime juice is used in most Tex Mex marinades and adds a ton of flavor when squeezed over tacos and carnitas.
  1. Always aim to serve your Tex Mex meat meals sizzling hot!

This is particularly true of fajita dishes – the skirt steak should be spewing tiny liquid drops as you serve it to your guests – but it also hold true of any Tex Mex meat meal (beef, chicken, fish) because meat’s flavor just spills out onto your taste buds when it’s hot.

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