5 Reasons Why Tex Mex Will Always be Popular

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Do you think Tex Mex cuisine someday will wan in popularity?

We sure don’t!

Here are five reasons why Tex Mex food will always be popular:

  1. Tex Mex aficionados know that this cuisine is not only delicious, but also good for you. The dishes tend to have a lot of minerals and vitamins within them (so many vegetables!), and so long as you don’t pile on the guacamole and cheese, a Tex Mex meal can be low in fat and calories. In addition to the aforementioned vegetables, Tex Mex dishes often include such healthy foods as black beans, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and peppers. Many dishes now can come served with chicken or fish instead of beef, making the dishes even healthier.
  2. Tex Mex food is just comforting. There’s something about the tortillas (starch), the beans (starch) and the meat (protein) that help Tex Mex dishes stick to our ribs, satisfying our need for being filled.

  1. The chilies. More to the point: the flavors of the chilies. There’s hot. There’s mild. There’s sweet. Don’t forget smoky. If you love how chilies can bring out a meat’s or a dish’s flavor, you’ll never tire of Tex Mex cuisine.
  2. Desserts are subtle in their sweetness. So much of American desserts are thick with rich icing, chocolate, cream, cheese cake, and on and on and on. Tex Mex desserts, on the other hand, offer a sweet taste that’s more subtle in its sweetness. Many people are tired of being bombarded with sugar; Tex Mex desserts offer a hint of sweetness and plenty of flavor.
  3. Tex Mex dishes are growing in popularity all over the globe. Once a dish enters global status (hellooooo American hamburger), it’s almost impossible to see it disappear.

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Photo courtesy Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net