Cinco de Mayo 2018

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Where did the time go? We’re quickly making our way through April and will soon be in May. But hopefully, y’all already know that means: Cinco de Mayo! That’s right; on Saturday, May 5th, Mattito’s will be joining the rest of the Metroplex in celebrating the history and cultural contributions of Mexican-Americans in the United States. This year, we’re going all-out in our party plans!

…No, we’re not talking about kiddie pools full of Margaritas with enough enormous straws to go around; our legal team vetoed that idea pretty quickly. But here’s what we will have at our various establishments:

  • A queso eating contest (Oak Lawn location only)
  • Live DJs
  • Prize wheels, which can be spun to win meal coupons, Mattito’s swag, or even brunch vouchers and more
  • A way to access our exclusive Snapchat filter
  • Special prices on food and drinks
  • Free mechanical bull rides (Forest Lane, Oak Lawn, and Las Colinas locations only)
  • A photo booth with props (Oak Lawn location only)

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around in a few weeks, head to your favorite Mattito’s location for a day of food and festivities. And if you’ve never before been to one of our restaurants, this will be a great time to try us out!


We want for all of our friends and guests to have fun at our May shindigs. However, we’d also like to keep things safe and relatively stress-free. Here are some suggestions for doing so:

  • Arrive early. Prizes and other goodies will be distributed while supplies last. To help ensure that you don’t leave empty-handed, don’t wait until the very last second to show up! Keep in mind that we won’t be the only ones celebrating Cinco de Mayo that Saturday, so a timely arrival will probably also be the key to securing a good parking space.
  • Don’t forget to charge your phone. As we mentioned in the previous section, all Mattito’s visitors will have access to our Snapchat filter, and our Oak Lawn location will be equipped with a photo booth and props. So make sure that your device is primed to take some selfies…or at least record you and your friends’ shenanigans! Plus, for every social media platform on which you’ve “Liked” our business, you’ll earn a free spin on the prize wheel. If you can show us those likes, you might just walk away with some cool rewards.
  • Dress for the weather. Longtime Texas residents know that the weather in the Metroplex can be extremely unpredictable, especially during springtime. Early May is usually pretty temperate, but it can also be winter-cold or summer-hot. So be smart and check the forecast before choosing your Cinco de Mayo ensemble. While we love the idea of outdoor fun, we really don’t want folks passing out in our parking lot from heat stroke. And speaking of passing out…
  • Drink responsibly. Look, we know that Cinco de Mayo is a big holiday for alcohol consumption. Trust us, we’re planning to keep the draft beers and signature Rumbaritas flowing as fast as our guests can toss ‘em back! But if you’re going to drink that day, please don’t drive. Either get someone to be your designated driver or call a cab (or Lyft or Uber). Make good choices, and we’ll hopefully get to see you on May 5th of next year, too!


Cinco de Mayo began as a way to memorialize the Mexican army’s decisive win over French troops at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The Battle of Puebla didn’t end the Second Franco-Mexican War, nor did it completely stop the French army’s advance toward Mexico City. What it did do, though, was raise morale substantially among soldiers. The fact that the outnumbered and outgunned Mexican army was able to claim a victory despite overwhelming odds helped them believe that they could actually win that war—which they finally did in 1867.

While Cinco de Mayo has mostly morphed into a celebration of Mexican-American culture in the United States, it’s still important to remember the true origins of this holiday. Doing so is crucial for understanding—and respecting—other folks’ history and heritage. At Mattito’s, we’re always up for a party. But Cinco de Mayo gives us special occasion to celebrate. So consider yourself cordially invited to join us on Saturday, May 5th for a Tex-Mex themed, late-spring fiesta!