Eat Mexican Food and LOSE Weight

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Mexican food has a reputation of adding to weight gain.

That reputation is correct, if you pile on the fatty meats, cheeses, sauces, and eat lots of chips and guacamole.

But Mexican food can actually help you lose weight.

Read below for tips on how to lose weight by eating Mexican food.

  • As hinted at above, watch the amount of melted cheese drizzled on your dishes, go easy on the sauces and don’t eat chips and guacamole (well, eat a little: no one should have to give up chips and guacamole completely).
  • Salsa actually is OK; regular salsa is pretty much tomatoes and spices and tomatoes have very few calories.
  • But, seriously, go easy on the chips. They are made of corn and are thus very starchy (full of carbs) and are also fried, adding a lot of bad fat to your meal.
  • Skip the refried beans. They taste great for a reason: they’re cooked with lard or bacon grease and they’re sometimes smothered in cheese. Opt for black beans instead; these are very healthy and tasty – and come packed with far fewer calories as well as fat and carb grams.
  • Skip – or limit – any and all dips made of any sauce other than regular salsa. This includes guacamole and dips made of cheese.

As much as we love guacamole, guacamole doesn’t love our waist line. Skip the dip and keep calories low.

  • If you get tacos, opt for hard shells so that you can just dip a fork or spoon into the shell and eat the meat, lettuce and tomatoes. The crisp taco shell is made of corn and fried so leave it be. If you absolutely must eat a tortilla with your taco, ask that the taco come in a soft one.
  • Ask for a to-go box as soon as you receive your food and place half of it immediately in the box for eating later. Eat just half of your (more than likely) over-sized meal.
  • Instead of beans and rice as sides, depending on the restaurant, ask to substitute steamed vegetables, a salad or the aforementioned black beans.
  • If you just can’t bear to eat a taco, enchilada or burrito without a tortilla, opt for a fajita – no tortillas are served, fried or soft. Save yourself from the temptation.
  • Skip the margaritas and beer. Stick with iced tea (unsweetened) or good old water.

Mexican food, with its focus on lots of lettuce, black beans and vegetables can be very healthy and low in calories, so long as you pay attention to what your order. Visit a Matitto’s near you to enjoy our delicious – and not fattening, when served correctly – Tex Mex meals!

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