Favorite Salsa Recipe

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My favorite salsa recipe includes cheese and sausage. It is not the traditional salsa that only has chunks of tomatoes, peppers and onions. I begin with a small box of Velveeta cheese, and I put this in a crock pot on low heat. As the cheese melts, I add a cup of whole milk. It is important to keep the heat on low because the cheese will begin to burn with the milk if it is on high. While the block of cheese is melting, I brown one pound of sausage in small pieces. My family likes the hot kind, but you can use your favorite. As the sausage browns, I add one package of shredded cheddar cheese and one package of shredded triple cheese blend to the crock pot. I also slice a jalapeno and add it in as well. If you like peppers and onions, then only add a small amount because the spices from the sausage will give the salsa a kick.

As the cheese melts, I stir it about every five minutes. This keeps it from sticking to the bottom of the crock pot. Don’t put the lid on the pot because the moisture in the cheese is not good. I drain the sausage and add it to the cheese when it is almost melted. Blend the sausage into the cheese. I normally leave the mixture in the crock pot on a low heat while we are eating it with traditional tortilla chips, but if it is a party, I pour it into a festive bowl.