Great Dish Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Party

Posted in Holidays

Getting ready to host a Cinco de Mayo party at your home this year?

Read below for some dish ideas to serve as you host a great party honoring Mexico’s victory in 1862 against France in the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexico War.

(Note that Cinco de Mayo is a rather minor holiday in Mexico itself; it’s evolved in the U.S. into a day that celebrates Mexican heritage and culture.)

No matter if you decorate your home with colors of Mexico’s flag (red, yellow and green) or if you have lively Mexican music playing in the background, you must provide great food. The party will be a bust without it (or a success, no matter what).

Read below for some ideas as to what Mexican/Tex Mex dishes to serve at your party.

  • Start with guacamole and chips that your guests may nosh upon when they arrive. Guacamole is delicious and the avocados it’s made of provide your guests with some heart-health benefits.
  • For those who don’t like guacamole – or as an additional dip – create a lovely salsa dip with tomatoes and cucumbers. In fact, consider keeping some large cut cucumber slices in a bowl nearby that your guests may use to dip into the salsa (instead of the usual tortilla chips).
  • Offer shrimp-filled quesadillas with some ground chipotle chili for zest.
  • Create mini crab nachos. Create a crab dip and instead of placing tortilla chips nearby, place the dip in small bowls made of corn tortillas.
  • If providing your guests with a make-your-own-fajitas buffet, be sure to provide some delicious and sizzling hot carne asada as your meat.
  • Offer guests Mexican veggie stacks of grilled vegetables spiced with chili.
  • For dessert, offer coconut flan or bake subtly-sweet Mexican Wedding Cookies.

Parties should be fun for everyone, including the hosts. If you’d rather not cook (and serve and clean) for your Cinco de Mayo party, contact the catering arm of Mattito’s Tex Mex restaurants.

We’re also open Cinco de May (May 5), but we expect to be pretty busy. Contact the Mattito’s nearest you for reservations.