Guacamole- Great on Chips and Good for YOU!

Posted in Healthy Eating

If you want to kick up your dining experience, try a bit of guacamole. You can experiment with different, interesting and unique variations of this creamy, smooth concoction at Mattito's. Whether it’s used as a dip for crispy tortilla chips or as a side to a succulent meal, we know how to deliver a delicious dish to our customers. No matter what your preference, adding this puree to your plate will make your meal memorable.

At Mattito's restaurant, we understand the exceptional multitasking qualities of this avocado-based puree. We add it to our salads for a tangy touch. We pair it with seafood, beef or chicken to add an extra element of flavor to each dish. For those who crave the cool, refreshing taste, we offer it as a contrasting dip for our hot and spicy quesadillas. The velvety smooth texture and fresh taste can elevate any dish to a higher level.

Guacamole is one of most ideal summertime treats. After a long day at the beach, you can cool down with a refreshing dollop of dip. Not only is it the perfect warm-weather snack, it is excellent for winter dining as well. Why not warm up your insides with this quintessential comfort food? No matter what occasion you want to celebrate, a well-prepared avocado mash can amp up the festivities.

At Mattito's we present our guacamole-based meals with pride. We understand the versatility and health value of this dish. Filled with essential vitamins and minerals, it is one of the most nutritious sides you can eat. The advantage to choosing this dish is that you do not realize you are eating something wholesome. The next time you plan a thrilling fiesta or a quiet gathering with friends and family, why not enjoy the immeasurable goodness of guacamole?