Posted in Summer

Summer is just around the corner; a time for easy-living, fun parties and good eating. If you’re having trouble deciding what to serve at your next party, trouble yourself no longer: We have you covered at Mattitos Mexican Restaurant. Our summer menu is tailor-made for your party planning needs. We offer full-service catering, so you can focus on the good things in life while forgetting all the headaches. In order to satiate those mid-day “south of the border” cravings, we happily offer delivery service to groups of as few as 10 people. To top it all off, most of our locations feature exclusive party rooms for large get-togethers and celebrations.

We boast an eclectic menu that’s fit for all taste buds. As part of our all-day breakfast specials, the fabled Huevos Rancheros are available whenever you desire. Those longing for nachos and other appetizers will find plenty to love here; the Botanas Platter comes with beef fajita nachos, chicken fajita quesadillas, stuffed jalapeños and more. If you’re worried about the “traditionalists” in your party who settle for nothing less than authentic, have no fear. Our tacos are made-to-order, including the classic cilantro-onion combo; lettuce and tomato not included unless customer requested. For dinnertime, Mattitos offers hearty “especialidades” such as Avocado Enchiladas, Carne Asada and delightfully grilled Tacos Al Carbon.

It can be surprisingly difficult to find quality Mexican cuisine in Texas; some days it seems most options are either too greasy or entirely inauthentic. Mattitos prides itself on being one of the exceptions. If you’re in the market for great food to serve at your next family gathering, then look no further. Whatever you do, be sure to give the fajitas a try: They’re the best in town.