Labor Day 2018 Fiesta Ideas

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With August in full swing, we’ve only got a few more weeks until Labor Day rolls around again. It may not be the most festive or glamorous holiday on the calendar, but it’s one of those neat Monday observances that often nets folks an extra-long weekend. What’s not to love about that?

For today’s post, we’ve compiled our top five picks for celebrating Labor Day in DFW (and beyond). Spoiler alert: our ideas of perfect celebrations nearly always involve eating Tex-Mex food!

A Weekend Trip

Three day weekends are ideal for short vacations, especially if you can negotiate to work a half-day on Friday. And one of the benefits of living in the DFW Metroplex is that we’re relatively close to several other major cities. Adventure is definitely within driving distance!

For a change of scenery without leaving our fair state, we recommend Austin, Houston, or San Antonio. All of these cities are rich in culture and history, and they’re known for having iconic Tex-Mex food, too! If you’re looking to get out even further, then consider Oklahoma City, Shreveport, or even Little Rock.

A Day at the Lake

Of course, it’s not totally necessary to leave the Metroplex in order to have a good holiday; the DFW area is home to countless venues for dining and entertainment. If you’re an outdoorsy sort of person, then a trip to a local lake may be right up your alley. Lewisville Lake is probably the closest and most convenient choice for Dallasites, though Lake Grapevine and Eagle Mountain Lake are cool alternatives if you’re in the mood to try something new. Different parks all offer different amenities, but nearly all of them have the facilities for swimming and outdoor games. Fishing and boating are usually allowed, as well. Come equipped with a cooler full of beverages and a laid-back attitude, and you’ll be able to experience a fabulous “staycation!”

Note: For safety reasons, please only swim and operate boats in designated areas, and be careful with glass containers! Local ordinances for each lake (and associated parks) can be found online. Also, if you bring pets along for the celebration, clean up after them—that’s just common courtesy, y’all!

A Family Cook Out

Labor day nearly always marks the unofficial “end” of summer vacation, which typically also means the unofficial end of outdoor grilling season. As far as we’re concerned, that’s as good a reason as any to host a family cookout.

While hamburgers and hot dogs are the standard entrées of choice for grilling, we’d like to encourage people to think a little outside the box. For example, quesadillas and fajitas are surprisingly well-suited to this style of cooking! Chips or homemade tortillas with queso, salsa, and guacamole are major palate-pleasers, as are margaritas. Serve these tasty delights to your guests to turn an “ordinary” family get-together into a full-blown backyard bash.


Love the idea of having a party but dread the thought of having to prepare meals and beverages for your guests? That’s okay; keeping everyone’s bellies full and accounting for individual tastes is definitely one of the more taxing aspects of party planning, so your hesitation is completely understandable. There’s a simple solution, though, and it’s catering by Mattito’s.

Think about it: while you focus on managing the venue and interacting with your guests, your nearest Mattito’s location will happily deliver award-winning food and enough disposable plates, napkins, and flatware to make cleanup a total breeze. For more formal events, we can provide china plates, cloth napkins, silverware, and even chafing dishes. It’s an easy way to eat amazing edibles (and impress your guests) without having to stress about it!

Tex-Mex Happy Hour

Now, all of the above options are great if you happen to have September 3rd as a day off from work or school. If that’s not the case, however, then your choices for observing the day are a bit limited. But fear not; we have a simple, no-frills way to celebrate that’s still fun and jovial: Tex-Mex Happy Hour!

At Mattito’s, Happy Hour is from 3-6 pm Monday through Friday, which makes it a practical alternative for those who work morning shifts or get off in the early evenings. When you’re done with work for the day, you can settle in for reduced-price beers and margaritas, as well as complimentary snacks (with purchase of a beverage). Come alone, grab some friends, or simply round up a handful of co-workers for a quick and easy Labor Day shindig.


We’ve long maintained that Tex-Mex food is inherently festive, which means that it’s the perfect type of cuisine to indulge in when a holiday rolls around. And even though Labor Day isn’t nearly as beloved as Thanksgiving or even Cinco De Mayo, it’s still an occasion worth getting at least a little excited about. Whether you prefer to celebrate the day with a weekend trip out of town or just a happy hour trip to your favorite restaurant, our hope is that everyone can have an enjoyable (and safe) holiday weekend!