Mexican Food Ideas for Your 4th of July Party

Posted in Holidays

The fourth of July celebrates the day 56 men – who would have been hung as traitors if the Revolutionary War had ended differently – placed their signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Talk about bravery!

In many ways, we have these courageous men to thank for the many freedoms we currently enjoy. Here at Mattito’s we’re all for honoring our forefathers and taking the day to remember how lucky we are to live so free. We’ll also use any excuse to celebrate with family. And what better way to bring your loved ones together than 4th of July food and fun?!

This July fourth, why not celebrate the United States’ Independence Day with food typically served at a party that celebrates another day of independence: September 16. South of the border, this marks the start of the 10-year Mexican War of Independence and Mexico’s own eventual freedom from the rule of Spain. (September 16 is celebrated in Mexico as Mexican Independence Day). We may be different countries, but it turns out, we have more in common than we think!

So along with the red, white and blue, you might consider bringing out the red, white and green this independence day!

Sure, you could pack up the family and fight the crowds for a seat at your local Mexican Restaurant. Or, you could gather in the kitchen and prepare your own feast, made to your specific tastes, and served fresh off the grill.

Whether you enjoy the Fourth of July eating hot dogs and hamburgers, or eating Mexican food, we hope this day of celebration is a great one.

As for the July fourth recipes you serve, well, we have some suggestions for those, too. You could start with a soup of hominy and pork known as pozole. On the other hand, July is hot! Which means your guests are going to be very invested in the drinks you serve. Consider mixing up some refreshments colored with red, white and green, the colors of Mexico. You could also stick to traditional red, white and blue margaritas for a fun mixing of cultures that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Still, no Mexican fiesta, regardless of how many margaritas you have, is complete without guacamole and chips. If you want to serve Mexican restaurant-quality dishes, add some Oaxaca-style black bean soup with plenty of mole sauce. Include tacos, taquitos, burritos, quesadillas, or fajitas as the main entrée and don’t forget dessert: sugared churros or dulce de leche, a thick, caramel-like sauce that’s poured or spread on everything from ice cream to coffee to even toast.

And, should you really be in the mood to celebrate this day of independence bring on the songs! In addition to the Star Spangled Banner, the Grito de Dolores (the Shout of Dolores) is a rallying cry which often is spoken by Mexico’s President every year in commemoration of Mexico’s independence.

All Mattito’s locations will be open on the Fourth of July. Come celebrate U.S. independence with a great meal with us after a day of fun at the pool or park.