Taco Tuesday!

Posted in Food and Fun

Is your job starting to feel monotonous? Do you find yourself staring at the clock every 10 minutes, willing the big hand to move faster? It's time to take that bull by the horns and head on down for Mattitos Taco Tuesday!

Work lunches give your Seniors and Senioritas something to look forward to. And there's nothing like tacos to deliver a satisfying crunch that will linger on your palate the rest of the day while you're back to watching the clock until quitting time.

Mattitos puts a little party in your Tuesday with our amazing work lunches. With our many fillings to stuff your shells with, such as pork, beef, chicken or brisket, you're sure to satisfy that craving that's been building since your morning coffee break. We only use the finest, freshest ingredients and tangiest toppings. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Tuesday is the new Friday at Mattitos! Now you don't have to drudge through a long boring week before the party starts. The ambiance and festive Mexican decor will make those Monday blues a fading memory. We put a little Mariachi in your day. Fun, food and festivities are our specialty!

So whether you have five or twenty-five co-workers, we hustle and bustle, catering to your every whim. You work hard all day, you deserve a little pampering. And there's nothing like work lunches with your compadres to put some zest in your workday.

The next time you find yourself staring at the clock, the calendar or the walls in your office, think tacos. Tuesday tacos, that is!