The cheeses of Mexican food

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Mattito's Tex-Mex Restaurant offers a unique dining experience for children and adults who enjoy Mexican food or dishes. We serve a large selection of delicious cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of Mexican cheeses.

Tex-Mex entrees are Mexican cuisine made with United States food products whereas Mexican dishes are authentic dishes made with Mexican ingredients. Our decades-old family recipes satisfy everyone's hunger, and we use only the finest cheeses in our meals.

Entrees using soft and creamy, but not melted, cheeses include Queso Blanco which resembles mozzarella and Monterrey Jack, Panela and Roqueson which are similar to ricotta cheese, and Queso Fresco which tastes like mild feta cheese. The latter is used to top beans, salads, rice, and quesedillas.

Mexican food or dishes made with melted cheese use mild Queso Quesadilla, chewy Asadero, tangy Manchego, Oaxaca which is similar to string cheese, or Chihuahua which is like mild cheddar or jack cheese.

Soft or semi-soft cheese includes Anejo which crumbles easily into salads and tacos and resembles Romano cheese, Asadero which is similar to Muenster and Fontina, and Oaxaca which tastes like mozzarella.

Entrees with semi-hard and hard cheese use Chontaleno, Chontaleno Ahumado, or Queso Seco para Freir which are similar to Parmesan. The latter can also be fried. Other selections include yellow Queso Criollo which resembles Muenster, and Enchilado and Cotija Enejo which are similar to feta cheese.

Cheese that is grated and mixed with beans, salads, and some meats are Cotija which resembles Parmesan. Anejo is coated with chili power or paprika and is another cheese often used.

Mattito's Tex-Mex serves festive Mexican food or dishes with a variety of delicious meats, cheese, and spices. We take pride in our family recipes when making meals ranging from fajitas and enchiladas to tortilla soup and chili con quesa. Come to Mattito's for tasty cheesy dishes year-round!