The Scoop on Salsa

Posted in Mexican Food Recipes

Have you ever eaten so many chips and salsa at Mattito's that you weren't able to finish your food when it came? Don't lie. We've all been guilty of that at some point.

That may be one of the reasons that for the last 14 years, salsa sales have actually surpassed ketchup sales, just like tortilla sales have surpassed bread sales. Pretty soon, people may start saying "I put salsa on my salsa."

...and on my peaches, mangoes, and pineapples. Many of our comrades have been experimenting lately, adding these ingredients to the traditional Mexican salsa, but Mattito's has stayed with its tried-and-true, traditional recipe for Mexican salsa. And our customers seem to love it! Some eat it with chips, some with tortillas, and even some on their entrees. If we served salsa as a drink I'm confident many of you would order it.

There are thousands of combinations to make a great salsa recipe, and therefore, thousands of different great salsa recipes. The most popular salsa, "salsa roja," uses cooked tomatoes, while another type of salsa - pico de gallo - is made with raw ingredients. More mild salsas are usually made with tomatillos (green tomatoes). They are all then combined with other ingredients, such as jalapeno seeds, onions, garlic, lemon and lime juices, and cilantro, for a unique taste.

Now that you know some of the ingredients used in various Mexican salsa recipes, can you guess the ingredients that Mattito's uses?