Your Easter Supper Done Tex Mex Style

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If you’re wondering what to cook for Easter dinner, you may decide to go the traditional route and serve a delicious ham (yum!).

But why not break from tradition and – especially because you live in Texas – serve an Easter supper that has some Tex Mex/southwestern cuisine roots?

For example, the ham. Why not make a ham with a chipotle-pineapple glaze? The glaze makes the ham smoky and spicy; the chipotle peppers with their seeds see to that. (To keep the glaze mild, remove the seeds from the peppers.

Easter supper just isn’t Easter supper without ham as the main dish.

Mashed potatoes are almost required during Easter supper. So to make them more Tex  Mex worthy, add a clove or two of minced garlic mixed in with your butter and milk.

Another must-do Easter side usually is asparagus, To celebrate your meal Tex Mex style, place a lemon glaze on your asparagus.

Easter isn’t Easter without cornbread. To add some Tex Mex influence to it, make green chili cornbread.

As for dessert, remember that there’s no Easter Bunny in Mexico, so there are no chocolate bunnies or jelly beans to eat. Instead, serve your Easter supper guests coconut cake with a side of lime or pineapple sorbet.

Once your children have found all of their Easter eggs, make deviled eggs out of them, but do so with a Tex Mex twist: make the filling with roasted red peppers, paprika, garlic cloves, fresh chives, and even chopped almonds!

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