A Memorable Night at Mattitos

Posted in Food and Fun

I will openly admit that I’m not your ordinary bachelor. This has nothing to do with my fiancée wearing the pants in the relationships. While that might be the case, I would never be capable of having a wild bachelor party because I would feel too guilty afterward. In my opinion, living with constant questions from your significant other as well as guilt isn’t worth a few hours of fun. That’s why I chose to have my bachelor party at the always-classy Mattitos.

This is a family friendly environment that offers great food, top-notch service and a comfortable atmosphere. Their reputation is also significant. For example, Mattitos has been listed as one of the Top Ten Tequila Bars in the United States.

While this is a family friendly establishment, it’s also very festive. The energy here is always great, yet it’s never too loud. This is a big reason why I chose this location for my bachelor party. When we first arrived, they brought us to the outdoor patio area. Despite it nearing winter, it was a warm evening, which made this experience even more enjoyable.

What I would like to point out more than anything is that the service they offered during my party was perfect. I’m a pretty tough critic when it comes to restaurants, especially when it’s my own party, so this is saying a lot. They took care of everyone well, and they made me feel like royalty since it was my party.

Even though this is a Tex-Mex restaurant, I had to go with the filet mignon. I got some heat for this from my friends, but it was a very tasty meal – salad and rice included. The chips and dip to begin were also very appetizing. I got back on the good side of my friends by ordering a round of tequila shots. After that, we went with the traditional and tasty Coronas with limes.

Overall, this was one of the best nights of my life. I would recommend Mattitos to anyone having a party.