Make New Years Resolutions Work

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A new years resolution is the promise to start doing something positive or to stop doing something negative at the start of a new year. The practice dates back to ancient Babylon and has continued in various forms clear up to present day. Despite the popularity of making them, as much as 88% of people do not succeed. Fortunately there …

Thankful this Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for a number of things, but none more important than my family. Your family is, of course, an extension of yourself, and when you can’t help yourself, they are there to help you, as my family has done for me so many times. When I have experienced difficulties at work, I knew that my …

Visiting Dallas

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As one of the biggest cities in Texas, Dallas has a lot to offer its visitors, from its expansive history to its thrill rides. East Dallas has a number of vintage shops and coffeehouses whereas South Dallas offers fairgrounds and parks anybody can enjoy. Of the various attractions available, many Dallas visitors long to visit the Cowboys Stadium, which is …

Home Opener for FC Dallas

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The Major League Soccer season is right around the corner, so it is time to start preparing for the FC Dallas season opener. FC Dallas plays their first game on Saturday, March 2, against the Colorado Rapids. If you are a huge soccer fan, then there is no better place to celebrate the beginning of the season than at Mattitos. …

Prospero Ano y Felicidad!

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The Mexican culture is one that is steeped in rich traditions and delectable cuisines that permeate celebrations year-round. Much like the traditions in American popular culture, the celebration of the Mexican New Year has many traditions to mark its passing. The Mexican culture uses particular colors to celebrate New Years. Decorations tend to feature certain colors that are symbolic. Red …

Enjoy Family Fun at Mattitos

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Are you looking to throw an exciting party for a birthday, graduation, or another special event? If so, then you want to provide your guests with a fun atmosphere, plenty of entertainment, and of course, delicious food! If you are looking for the best venue to hold your special event, consider Mattitos.

Date Night at Mattitos

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Are you looking to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or special social event? Or do you just need a date night on the town with your loved one or best buds? At Mattitos, we’ve got a delicious menu, full bar and a luscious atmosphere that will leave you feeling spirited away to a place of comfort and fanfare.

Summer Siesta at Mattito’s

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If you are thinking about taking your family out for dinner, whether it is for a celebration or just a midweek treat, consider Mattito’s. There are many Dallas family restaurants that are affordable and have good food, but a visit to Mattito’s will exceed all of your family dining expectations.