Winter Holiday Traditions in Mexico

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Folks, it’s time once again to broaden our horizons! Back in October, we discussed Día de Los Muertos. The purpose of that post was to explain some traditions associated with this often-misunderstood holiday. Well, with Christmas right around the corner, we figured we’d take another educational jaunt south of the border. Read on to learn about Christmas traditions in Mexico—specifically, …

Cinco de Mayo Party Tips and Food Ideas

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Cinco de Mayo is just a bit more than a week away. If you’re planning on celebrating by having some friends over, read below for some ideas about what to do and what to eat during your fiesta. Consider decorating your party space with red, white and green (the colors of Mexico’s flag). String crepe paper chains in these colors …

Easter Traditions in Mexico

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Pascua is what Mexico residents call Easter and some would argue that it’s a more important religious holiday in Mexico than is Christmas. Mexicans celebrate Easter with a combination of Christian and native indigenous traditions and rituals, mirroring the country’s Spanish and indigenous history. Christian missionaries – during the time when Mexico was a Spanish colony – allowed indigenous peoples …

St. Patrick’s Day at Mattitos

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At Mattitos, we offer something special for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The holiday means “green” and good luck, so a number of our dishes have that covered. Our mission is to create a unique Mexican dining experience for all occasions, and our award-winning catering team can put together a top-notch menu for any St. Patrick’s Day party. With an emphasis …

Valentine’s Day at Mattitos

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If you’re looking for a good restaurant for Valentine’s Day, take your date to Mattito’s. It’s a great date night spot with award winning Tex Mex food. Mattito’s has been a favorite Dallas area restaurant for over fifty years. Happy Hour at Mattito’s is always fun. It happens Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Since Valentine’s Day 2014 falls …

Make New Years Resolutions Work

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A new years resolution is the promise to start doing something positive or to stop doing something negative at the start of a new year. The practice dates back to ancient Babylon and has continued in various forms clear up to present day. Despite the popularity of making them, as much as 88% of people do not succeed. Fortunately there …

Christmas Parties at Mattitos

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When you are planning your Christmas party for your family and friends, office party or one for your club members, the perfect place is Mattito’s. Conveniently located in Uptown Dallas, Forest Lane and Las Colinas, you can take advantage of reserving our party banquet room to rent and then creating a customized menu for the occasion, whether it be any …

Thankful this Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for a number of things, but none more important than my family. Your family is, of course, an extension of yourself, and when you can’t help yourself, they are there to help you, as my family has done for me so many times. When I have experienced difficulties at work, I knew that my …

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos in Style

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As midnight on October 31 draws near, people everywhere prepare to celebrate Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. This festive event is one of our favorite occasions at Mattito’s. That’s because we love any excuse to enjoy our favorite food and drinks while also sharing stories about our loved ones who have passed on. The celebration …

Family Reunion at Mattitos

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Bienvenido! Welcome! We are the premiere restaurant for delicious, authentic Tex-Mex fare. All of our Mattitos restaurants feature the kinds of traditional dishes that make Tex-Mex dining the uniquely delightful experience it should be. We strive to make each salad, soup, appetizer, entree and desert the perfect example of authentic Tex-Mex dining. In addition to our fine in-house dining, we …

Mattito’s: Your Fourth of July Party Location

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The best party day of the summer is the Fourth of July, and the best party location is Mattito’s Tex-Mex restaurant. Nothing beats a full-on fiesta to celebrate your independence from work and your freedom to play. They have all the ingredients to make it one hot holiday. Mattito’s has an award winning menu that includes such delicacies as Baja …