Family Reunion at Mattitos

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Bienvenido! Welcome! We are the premiere restaurant for delicious, authentic Tex-Mex fare. All of our Mattitos restaurants feature the kinds of traditional dishes that make Tex-Mex dining the uniquely delightful experience it should be. We strive to make each salad, soup, appetizer, entree and desert the perfect example of authentic Tex-Mex dining. In addition to our fine in-house dining, we …

Mattitos Caters to the Family

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A chain of restaurants isn’t always the best option for truly authentic Tex-Mex fare. We, at Texas-based Mattitos, pride ourselves on bucking that general trend, offering near-the-border ambiance and recipes that fool all the locals all day long. With individual entrees and family-style dinners aligned to pique our diners’ tastes and fill their bellies, we, at Mattito’s, dedicate our lives …

Thanksgiving Alternatives

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Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together and enjoy their time with each other. Unfortunately, there are some families who do not get to enjoy a “normal” Thanksgiving together. In today’s busy world, work may get in the way or scheduling conflicts arise. Even worse, a family may be torn apart from past arguments. For those families, they …

Enjoy Family Fun at Mattitos

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Are you looking to throw an exciting party for a birthday, graduation, or another special event? If so, then you want to provide your guests with a fun atmosphere, plenty of entertainment, and of course, delicious food! If you are looking for the best venue to hold your special event, consider Mattitos.

Summer Siesta at Mattito’s

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If you are thinking about taking your family out for dinner, whether it is for a celebration or just a midweek treat, consider Mattito’s. There are many Dallas family restaurants that are affordable and have good food, but a visit to Mattito’s will exceed all of your family dining expectations.