Make New Years Resolutions Work

Posted in Holidays

A new years resolution is the promise to start doing something positive or to stop doing something negative at the start of a new year. The practice dates back to ancient Babylon and has continued in various forms clear up to present day. Despite the popularity of making them, as much as 88% of people do not succeed. Fortunately there are a few simple techniques for improving the odds.

Start thinking about the changes you want to make ahead of time rather than at the end of the year. Having time to mull it over will help with picking new years resolutions that are realistic and achievable.

Ample time will make it easier to formulate an effective strategy. Will your resolution require more time, rescheduling or a lifestyle change like time at the gym and a membership? Start anticipating those things before they are needed so you can start your resolution with the new year instead of using the new year to prepare.

Perhaps the most difficult part is actually incorporating the changes you want to make. A very effective way to do this is by setting small, realistic short-term goals instead of large milestones that can seem intimidating. For example, someone that wants to quit smoking cigarettes might gradually reduce the number they smoke in a day. Someone wanting to get fit should try mild exercise and slowly increase intensity as they feel comfortable.

People have been making new years resolutions for thousands of years and now more people than ever do they have a hard time seeing them through. Giving yourself ample time, creating a plan, and setting small goals are some simple ways to increase the odds of success.