Mattito’s: Your Fourth of July Party Location

Posted in Holidays

The best party day of the summer is the Fourth of July, and the best party location is Mattito's Tex-Mex restaurant. Nothing beats a full-on fiesta to celebrate your independence from work and your freedom to play. They have all the ingredients to make it one hot holiday.

Mattito's has an award winning menu that includes such delicacies as Baja shrimp alambres and enchiladas de marisco in addition to delicious fajitas, tostadas, and tacos. They also have delicious breakfast items and desserts. It is Tex-Mex heaven and the perfect food paradise for a Fourth of July extravaganza. Drop by for lunch and stay through for dinner. Celebrate all day long with fabulous food, delicious drinks, and warm companionship.

Of course any real celebration requires drink specials, and Mattito's will have plenty of those to set the party on fire. Want a private celebration? Special rooms are available, so you can celebrate with your own group of family and friends. Want to stay in? They offer catering deals that let them deliver the fun to you, including small dinner parties for groups under ten. No matter how you want to celebrate, they have the biggest holiday of the summer covered.

With locations across Dallas, Mattito’s cuisine is available to many fans of Tex-Mex food. Plan your Fourth of July blow out now by contacting the fine staff at the nearest location and make reservations for your dinner, banquet, or other celebration. Then start the countdown to your Fourth of July fiesta.