Unleash Your Inner Tex Mex

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Tex-Mex cooking comes from a rich Spanish and Native American tradition. Before Texas became part of the United States, Native Americans lived there for thousands of years, and after that, it was inhabited by the Spanish. In fact, the area was called New Spain. Even after Mexico became independent, it had strong ties with Texas. It is this rich and …

June 4 is National Donut Day: Easy Buñelos Recipes

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In honor of National Donut Day (June 4, which is just around the corner), here are two simple and delicious recipes for buñuelos, a kind of donut popular in Mexico and many other Latin countries. A buñuelo is actually a fried dough ball or fritter. It is usually made with a filling or topping. Mexicans traditionally serve it with syrup …

What Your Tex Mex Restaurant Waiter Wishes You Knew

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Let’s say you rarely visit a Tex Mex restaurant (we hope you’ll soon change your mind and visit Mattito’s more often!). So you may not know a lot about Tex Mex cuisine, how it differs (or doesn’t) from Mexican food. So to help you enjoy your next visit to a Tex Mex restaurant even more – and to impress your …

Forget Beef: Think Beans and Rice in Your Burrito

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When you think of your favorite Tex Mex burrito, is it always filled with beef? Or at least chicken or fish? Take a walk on the burrito historic side and try one with rice and beans instead. Placing beef in Mexican foods is something of a United States “invention,” because folks in Mexico first pretty much used beef as a …

4 Reasons Your Guacamole Isn’t as Good as It Could Be

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So you make some guacamole in preparation for your Tex Mex-themed dinner party. It’s done, it’s ready and so you grab a tortilla chip and dip it into the green, gooey goodness that is guacamole and….meh. What happened!? Guacamole isn’t at all hard to make, how could things have gone bad? It’s not that things “went bad.” It’s more that …

Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution: Eat Tex Mex

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The top New Year’s resolution each year tends to be to lose weight/get healthy. There’s an easy to way to keep this resolution in 2015: eat more Tex Mex food! Before you place your hands on your face as you gasp in horror (“Tex Mex healthy? Lose weight? Why it’s laden with sauces and cheeses and the tortilla chips and …

Christmas Parties at Mattitos

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When you are planning your Christmas party for your family and friends, office party or one for your club members, the perfect place is Mattito’s. Conveniently located in Uptown Dallas, Forest Lane and Las Colinas, you can take advantage of reserving our party banquet room to rent and then creating a customized menu for the occasion, whether it be any …