Prospero Ano y Felicidad!

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The Mexican culture is one that is steeped in rich traditions and delectable cuisines that permeate celebrations year-round. Much like the traditions in American popular culture, the celebration of the Mexican New Year has many traditions to mark its passing. The Mexican culture uses particular colors to celebrate New Years. Decorations tend to feature certain colors that are symbolic. Red is a popular color that symbolizes courage, love, and progress in living conditions. Yellow is also a popular color, signifying enjoyment and blessings. Green and white are also featured as prominent hues. These colors represent health and other positive aspects of life. Mexican families decorate their homes and businesses with these colors during this time of year.

Food is an integral part of the New Year celebration. At the passing of midnight, pan dulce is served to party guests. This sweet bread is topped off with a lucky coin or pendant. The person that receives the token during the cutting and serving ceremony is considered to be blessed with success for the remainder of the new year. Traditional games also play an key role during the celebrations. Games include activities such as writing down and sharing both the good and bad events of the year that has passed. The lists have to be made before the strike of midnight. At midnight, the list are burned to ashes in order to signify a cleansing for the opportunities of the future.

Another interesting cultural tradition involves grapes. Guests must eat one grape each second for twelve seconds prior to midnight. Each grape signifies luck for every month of the coming year. Fireworks, like many other cultures, are also an integral part of the celebrations. Ringing in the New Year with your family based on Mexican traditions is a unique and interesting way to celebrate the time's passing. Mattitos restaurant engages customers with many of these fine cultural traditions. At Mattitos, we strive to create a New Years celebration where old customs can be observed and new ones can be formed. If you wish to celebrate in your own home, then we are available for meeting your celebration's catering needs. Our catering services deliver right to your door and include specialty dishes such as pan dulce.