New Year, New You

Posted in Holidays

As a long year comes to a close and a new year begins, we're filled with a feeling akin to rebirth. In the form of New Year's resolutions, we make vows to leave the past in the past and adopt a lifestyle centered on better health, rising from the ashes of bad habits like a phoenix. After the initial burst of confidence and determination wanes, however, we may find our resolve wavering and our goals becoming blurry in the distance. After the lazy holiday vacation, real life picks up again and our dreams take a back seat to working hard to pay the bills.

Why cook at home or go to an average fast food joint when Mattitos will relieve the day's stress by preparing your breakfast, lunch or dinner for you? Mattitos has a menu filled with Tex-Mex variety that caters to customers mindful about their health, providing healthy options to help accomplish those New Year's resolutions. With breakfast, lunch and dinner options, any time of the day is a great time to make a healthy choice. Simple breakfast tacos with eggs and beans are the best way to start off the day, providing fuel until lunchtime. For lunch, we have refreshing taco salads prepared with your choice of chicken or beef, and our chicken soup with a salad for those chilly days. At dinner, we serve our signature five delicious salads with seasoned beef, shredded chicken, jumbo shrimp, or no meat on top, wrapped in our crispy flour tortilla shell, and with the healthy options of Orange Chipotle vinaigrette or a lite vinaigrette. Our entree dishes may be customized just right for any specific diet by removing unwanted sides and substituting in our fresh vegetable medley.