Date Night at Mattitos

Posted in Food and Fun

Are you looking to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or special social event? Or do you just need a date night on the town with your loved one or best buds?

At Mattitos, we've got a delicious menu, full bar and a luscious atmosphere that will leave you feeling spirited away to a place of comfort and fanfare.

We realize that finding a quality venue for date night can be difficult, and that not all Dallas Tex-Mex dives are created equal. One place may have great drinks and serve subpar food, while another is always crowded and clouded with cigarette smoke. On top of that, finding rich, authentic Mexican food can be a challenge. In a world inundated by Taco Bells and concession stands, getting that real bite of Mexican cuisine is a Godsend.

Mattitos' menu is constantly fluxuating, incorporating several different culinary techniques and specialties that are seasonal. You'll never be bored with our menu that is prepared fresh to order every day by our world-class chefs. They have years of experience cooking delicious and unique Mexican dishes that have a distinctly Texan influence, and are eager to please guests who have special requests.

Of course, no date night would be complete without access to a bar. You won't find a Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant that features a bar as diverse as ours. From the finest tequilas and champagnes to the simplest of brewed beers, Mattitos will keep the drinks flowing all night.

We also have plenty of room so you can party without invading someone else's personal space. The dance floor is always open for you to get your boogie on, so stop by or call today to reserve a table, or even the whole place for a night of enchantment.