Cinco de Mayo Traditions in Dallas

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Cinco de Mayo in Dallas! Nothing says Cinco de Mayo more than...FOOD! Tex-Mex and tequila, of course. Between the two, there is an entire day of fun, frolic, and frijoles just waiting to happen. Celebrations are city-wide and the air is fairly electrified with excitement and yee-haws.

The tradition behind the celebration is of the triumph of Mexico over France in 1862. Between all the Dallas-area celebrations, there is plenty of fun for the family with attractions exotic enough for tourists and locals alike.

Here at Mattito’s, we honor the tradition of holiday eating with every tasty Tex-Mex treat imaginable. Once the 5:00 PM bell rings, Cinco de Mayo is officially in the hands of Mattitos’ excellent chefs and servers. Your pleasure is their command as their menus are in demand.

Tequila is the drink of the day with tequila tastings throughout the event. Mattitos' bar has been rated one of the top ten tequila bars in the United States! Dallas has it and you can experience it!

You want to ride the bull? Si! Sit yourself onto the buckingest bull this side of The Pecos and challenge him if you dare. Located at 3011 Routh Street, you're very welcome and invited to mosey on in and experience authentic Tex-Mex cooking and traditions.

We’re serving up everything from avocado enchiladas, tostadas, pastries, tacos, tamales, and many other traditional treats are very reasonably priced and delicious. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner menus- even standard American fare to appeal to gringos too, like hamburger and fries. Arriba!

For something different, try their Sopa Charro Bean. No, Charro won't be serving it, but this delicious whole bean soup concoction is prepared with bacon and beer! We also have beer-free soups for the younger set. Ordered as a side dish, their sopas will charge you up for the main dishes steeped in Tex-Mex tradition to satisfy the most discriminating palette.

So, grab your biggest sombrero and bring your familia to this lively spot to celebrate! Your tummy will thank you!