La Navidad

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Mexican Christmas traditions begin December 16 and end in February. At Mattitos, we can celebrate right along with you by providing for all your catering and party facility needs.

Las Posadas
Las Posadas is a nine-day long celebration beginning December 16. It commemorates Mary and Joseph’s search for “posada” or shelter in Bethlehem. Each evening, a procession led by Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds and “peregrinos” or pilgrims visits three locations.

Upon arriving at the first location, Joseph knocks and sings for shelter. The people waiting on the other side of the door sing back their regrets because there is no room at the inn. Dejected but hopeful, the group moves on to the second location, but there is no room there either.

The third location recognizes Mary and Joseph as the earthly parents of Jesus and invites the group in. The host welcomes them with an array of traditional posada foods such as peanuts, colaciones, hot chocolate, tamales, and pozole. The singing continues during the breaking of the piñata. If you are hosting a Posada, Mattitos is ready to provide your peregrinos with tasty treats.

El Día De Reyes
On January 6, the Epiphany is “El Día de Reyes” or King’s Day. This is the day children receive gifts brought by the wise men. On this day, friends, family or co-workers enjoy a “Rosca de Reyes,” a braided wreath of sweet bread with a tiny plastic baby Jesus hidden inside. The person who finds the baby, hosts the Candlemas or “Día de la Candelaria” party. This celebration held on February 2, marks the end of the Christmas season in Mexico.

Our banquet rental facilities are a worry-free solution for hosting your Christmas season celebrations. We offer catering options to fit any size group. When you knock at Mattitos, there is always room.