Mattitos – Lunch Hour or Party, our Banquet Room is Here!

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It's 11:47 A.M. You stare longingly at the clock, willing time to bend to your request. All you need to do is hang on until noon, then you know you're free for lunch hour. But wait! Where to eat in Dallas? You ask yourself as you hang on to the ticking of the minute hand, each second an eternity. You have only one thing on your mind: Dallas Mexican food. There's nothing quite like original Mexican food to pick you up out of your work-week doldrums and give you a little spice to your life. Finally, the clock hits 12 and you are out the door! You call up all of your co-workers to let them know where the party's at. "Fiesta at Mattito's!" you cry triumphantly!

You all hurry to the best banquet room Dallas has to offer. Squealing tires on hot asphalt is just the beginning of what you know will be the best meal you've had in quite some time. Mattito's is the very best in Dallas Mexican food and you know it! Your taste buds jump for joy when they taste a cool martini with a hot tamale, chips and salsa, and everything Mattito's banquet room Dallas has to offer.

As you all drive back to work, you're not forlorn or upset about the end of your lunchtime adventure. Rather, you are all reliving the wonderful experience you just had. With helpful staff ready for a lunch hour break, a date night for two, or a party to fill the Banquet Room, Mattitos has just what you need to make your meal something special! So the next time you ask yourself where to eat in Dallas, remember that the answer is simple. Mattitos Mexican Restaurant has the best Mexican food this side of the border! El mejor comida para los mejores!