New Year, New Happy Hour

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It’s officially a new year, folks! Whether your 2017 was great, mediocre, or a total mess, you made it through, so congratulations on that! January is nearly always a period of soul-searching, goal-setting, and just overall starting anew. It’s a time for celebration and a time for resolving to make the most of the next 12 months.

Now, that’s all well and good, but let’s be honest: it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a “slump” during the month of January. We’re coming down from a long string of holidays that began all the way back in October, and the next major holiday isn’t until mid-February. Many people are also going back to work (or school) after enjoying a break from these responsibilities. If you feel like you’re having trouble getting back into the swing of things, you’re definitely not alone. So here’s a little pick-me-up for anyone who needs it: in 2018, Mattito’s is going to start observing Tex-Mex Happy Hour!

Every Monday through Friday, from 3 pm to 6 pm, you can enjoy $2.50 draft beers and complimentary snacks with every beverage purchase at your favorite Mattito’s location. Plus, each month, we’ll offer a different Happy Hour drink deal in addition to the reduced-price beer. January’s special is $5 extra-large margaritas, so get ‘em while they last!

Here are some tips for making the most of Happy Hour at Mattito’s:

  • Bring a group. Drinking by yourself is rarely as much fun as drinking with people you enjoy being around. You could fly solo for the afternoon, but why do that when you could round up a group of friends or co-workers to join in on your Happy Hour fun? This is a great opportunity to kick back, decompress, and socialize in a festive atmosphere.
  • Come early. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant just before Happy Hour ends and watching your plans for low-cost wining and dining disappear before your very eyes. And know that you and your party likely won’t be the only ones who decided to enjoy Tex-Mex Happy Hour that day. So get to your local Mattito’s as quickly as you can to ensure maximum fun.
  • Have an early dinner. Snacks are great, but if you want something that’ll truly stick to your ribs, try ordering an entrée for yourself or an appetizer for the whole table to share. Nothing quite goes with an XL margarita or a draft beer like a huge platter of steaming (or sizzling) Tex Mex food. Besides, drinking on an empty stomach can sometimes get you into trouble. And that brings us to our next point…
  • Be smart. We understand that our drink specials are hard to resist, and we always want for our guests to have a fun time. However, we hope that you’ll be mindful of your limits and imbibe responsibly! If it’s a school night or a work night, don’t drink so much that you’ll have trouble getting up the next day. And regardless of your schedule, never, ever drink and drive!

Happy 2018, everyone! We hope that this new year brings you good health, great luck, and plenty of delicious Tex-Mex food!