People love Mattito’s on Yelp!

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Have you checked out our reviews on Yelp? Yelp is a great website for finding local restaurants and reading member reviews. You can check out photos, menus, and other vital information- however, we like it for the useful, often funny and sometimes ingenious reviews. There are several for Mattito's, usually mentioning our Bob Armstrong queso, our chocolate fountain and our delicious Sunday Brunch. Here are some of our favorites:

Check out this description of our Chiles Rellenos by Yelper Joe K.

First off, let me start off by saying that Mattito's has perhaps THE greatest Chile Relleno ever devised by man.  There's two ways to get it--one with green sauce, one with red sauce.  One comes with a topping of nuts and raisins and such (I believe this is the "green" option).  This is my favorite, though it's not for everyone.  Anyhow, I highly recommend it.

Joan H. sampled the spinach enchiladas while looking for a venue for her rehearsal dinner:

We found this place while looking for a rehersal dinner place and they were very accomodating and quite friendly. We tried it out and absolutely loved it. The chips and salsa are quite addicting so don't eat alot of it because you have to save room for the actual meal! I had the avacado enchiladas and I must say... FANTASTIC. They have a cilantro sauce that they put on top of it and it's TO DIE FOR.

Kathryn D. sings the praises of our Sunday Brunch:

Bruuuuuuunnnnnnch ::zombie-like moan::

Mattito's is the answer on those Sunday mornings when you wake up and can only stagger and groan like the undead.  No need to put on a fresh face or dress all fancy, we've all been there (well, I know I have) and we're not judging you for shuffling up to the buffet in last night's outfit and makeup.

Trust us, Kathryn- we've all been brunch zombies before.

If you have any comments on your Mattito's experience, please review us on Yelp! We read your reviews and would love to hear from you.