Tasty Types of Tequila

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With a drink menu like ours, cocktails can make for difficult (but delicious) choices. But have you ever wondered what the differences were between Añejo, blanco, Reposado, etc? These terms can tell us so much about the tequila's age, taste and creation, but many people don't know what they mean.

All tequilas start as Blue Agave, but a 100% pure tequila will be labeled as "100% Blue Agave". Tequila labels are very strict about telling you exactly how your tequila was made. For example, "Reposado" tequila has been stored in oak barrels for 2-11 months, giving it a golden tint and nice, even taste between the Agave and the wood. "Reposado" means "rested".

Añejo Tequila is "aged", meaning it's been stored for at least a year. This aging process creates a deeper amber color, and a smoother, richer flavor. "Ultra Añejo", a classification added in 2006, is reserved only for tequilas aged for at least three years- aging this long makes for an even darker color and complex flavor. Both of these tequilas have been stored in quantities of 600 liters or less.

Silver or Blanco tequila is clear and pure, bringing out the natural sweetness and flavor of the Blue Agave. Silver tequila is bottled immediately after it's distilled, or can be kept in stainless steel tanks for up to four weeks to provide a smoother flavor.

Now that you know a little more about the types of tequila, feel free to get a little fancier with your drink orders the next time you're at Mattito's!