Tex Mex Holiday Party Ideas

Posted in Holidays

As the holiday seasons approaches, it’s never too early to start planning your holiday parties. And if you live in Texas, why not celebrate the season this year with a Tex Mex theme?

Let’s start, for example, with your Christmas decorations. Instead of a traditional pine wreath, why not take some larger leaves from succulent plants and even non-needled cactus plants and create a lovely wreath with a true Southwest feel? Prickly pear leaves work well (after removing the barbs).

For centerpieces, take a large clear vase and place small round cacti balls inside, replacing the traditional green/red or silver/gold balls.

Don’t forget to fill a piñata with candy for some after-dinner fun.

The Christmas tree is next. This year, make your home extra special by adorning it with tiny serapes and straw sombreros; purple, green and blue strings of shiny, tiny balls for garlands; and colorful (bright pink, blue, red and green) flowers shaped from tissue paper.

And don’t forget the poinsettias! Place several of them throughout your home.

As for your holiday supper, here’s a meal idea:

  • Start with quesadilla melts, margarita punch and queso dip.
  • The main dish could be deep-fried turkey with chorizo cornbread stuffing.
  • Or just go whole Tex Mex with tamales , tacos and enchiladas.
  • Forget the tacos – serve sizzling hot fajitas
  • Finish with Mexican ice cream balls or pecan pie. (Why not have both!?)
  • For some real dessert fun with a Tex Mex theme, create individual no-bake cheesecakes in margarita glasses.

Whether you have young ones at home or not, have some fun after dinner by offering your guests the chance to take a whack at a Christmas-themed piñata.

If you’re having your party on Christmas Eve, go full on Tex Mex/Mexican and head to midnight mass and then have a feast of turkey or ham with the adults drinking cider after dinner while the children open presents.

All of our Dallas-region Mattito’s locations are open for our regular hours on Christmas Eve, but we will be closed all of Christmas Day. If you’d like to celebrate with some Tex Mex food for the holidays, but don’t want to cook, come visit us on December 24.

Feliz Navidad!