The Best Ways to Work More Tex Mex into Your Diet in 2016

Posted in Healthy Eating

Borrowing from the classic Blue Diamond Almonds television ad of 1986: eat just one more Tex Mex meal a month, that’s all we ask.

Truthfully, here at Mattito’s, we’d love it if you’d visited us once a month. If you already do, we’d love it twice as much if you visited one of our locations twice a month!

But even if you can’t eat with us, we hope you can eat more Tex Mex food in 2016. It can be very healthy for you. It makes for great comfort food. And it’s very easy to prepare.

So if you agree with us and have decided to eat more Tex Mex in 2016, here are four ways to work more of this delicious cuisine into your diet.

We know you want to, so go ahead: eat more Tex Mex food in 2016!

  1. Always keep soft tortillas and cheese in your refrigerator to make quesadillas whenever the urge strikes.

Quesadillas are perhaps the Best. Snack. Ever. They are easy to make: just get your tortillas, place a slice or two of your favorite cheese (the best type of cheese are those that melt well, such as Gouda, mozzarella and cheddar), place it in your toaster oven or microwave and…instant, delicious, comforting snack!

  1. Remember that grilled chicken fajitas are very healthy!

The pieces of grilled chicken sitting on your plenty have plenty of protein. The grilled red peppers, yellow squash and zucchinis are full of vitamins and minerals.  Keep away from the tortilla chips and guacamole and you have a delicious meal providing plenty of health benefits.

So if you want to eat healthy in 2016, it’s easy: eat fajitas!

  1. Call your stay-at-home spouse before leaving work to say that he/she doesn’t need to cook tonight: you’re bringing take out!

And then head to your favorite Tex Mex restaurant for some take out tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc. And don’t forget to ask for extra tortilla chips!

  1. Go out on a date with your sweetheart and eat at your favorite Tex Mex restaurant.

A week later, suggest that you take the whole family out for Tex Mex. The next week, suggest to your best girlfriend to meet at a great Tex Mex restaurant for lunch, or go out with the guys after watching the game for some fajitas and margaritas.

See how easy it can be to eat more Tex Mex?! But there’s no need to wait until next year: visit your favorite Mattito’s today. We’ll keep the fajitas sizzling for you!

Image by Miia Ranta from Finland (Texmex Dinners For Lazy Bastards  Uploaded by Fæ) via Wikimedia Commons.