The Calorie Counts of Some of Your Favorite Tex-Mex Foods

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Few of us really want to know how many calories we’re eating in our Tex-Mex burritos, guacamole dip, tortilla chips, and margaritas. But it’s still a good thing to know (if at least to understand why – Oh, why! – you’ve gained a couple of pounds after a hearty and delicious Tex-Mex meal).

So read below for the calorie counts of some of your favorite Tex-Mex foods.

  • Refried beans: One cup provides you with about 397 calories. Chances are that’s about as much as you might receive in a side of refried beans at your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.
  • A large soft tortilla: About 180 calories.
  • A regular sized corn tortilla: About 130 calories.
  • Fried rice: There are about 333 calories in one cup of fried rice. Again, this is about what your Tex-Mex restaurant serves as a side.
  • Chicken fajitas (without tortillas): About 360 calories per one-skillet serving.
  • Margarita: A typical margarita cocktail will provide you with about 163 calories. Be aware however that some “sweet” margaritas can pack up to 500 calories in one serving.
  • Guacamole: A guacamole dip with four large avocadoes makes about eight servings, providing about 150 calories with each serving.
  • Guacamole with chips: Add some 74 calories for every 10 chips you eat.
  • Beef Burritos: Eat two and you’ll eat about 524 calories.
  • Add cheese to those two beef burritos and you’ll be taking in about 632 calories.
  • Bean Burritos: Eat two and you’ll ingest about 447 calories.
  • Add cheese to the bean burritos and you’ll be eating about 662 calories.
  • One hard taco with beef, cheese and lettuce will cost you 156 calories.
  • One soft taco, also with beef, cheese and lettuce comes to 210 calories
  • One soft chicken taco with cheese and lettuce is 185 calories.
  • A beef and cheese enchilada is 323 calories
  • One serving of crème caramel flan for dessert (about half a cup) is about 223 calories.

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