Why Our World Would End If Tex-Mex Disappeared

Posted in Food and Fun

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning to find that all Tex-Mex food on Earth had inexplicably disappeared?

Our sincerest apologies to anyone who experienced severe emotional stress as a result of reading that last sentence. The very thought of life without Tex-Mex is truly horrifying, and it’s not a hypothetical scenario to be taken lightly. After all, if we lost Tex-Mex, then the world we live in would be a very different place. For example:

1.) Chips and salsa would no longer be quintessential finger foods

When you walk into a party and see big bowls of chips and salsa laid out on a table, you immediately know that you’re in for a fun and casual get-together. Delicate, artisan hors d'oeuvres are nice, but it’s this Tex-Mex combination that really says “Mi casa es su casa.” And because everyone has a favorite kind of salsa, it’s an immediate conversation starter; even two complete strangers can fall back on discussing their favorite duo! Whether your salsa-eating technique is dipping, scooping or just abstaining completely, we rely on chips and salsa to serve as convenient icebreakers in social situations. Just be sure not to double-dip!

2.) We’d have to find a new portable and versatile snack to replace burritos

There’s no denying that burritos are pretty convenient. You can eat them with your hands, and some of the smaller ones can even be eaten one-handed. They really don’t require any fancy cooking equipment to prepare, and even a child can be taught how to fold one properly. Best of all: because the only real qualifier for burritos is that the filling has to be wrapped up in tortilla, the sky’s the limit. Whether you like hearty breakfast burritos with egg and chorizo or savory dinner burritos with plenty of beans and meat, or even a “leftover” burrito made from anything you can yank out of the fridge and stuff into a tortilla, they’re an incredibly easy meal to whip up in a hurry.

3.) Generous portion sizes would be harder to find

The one thing that many Tex-Mex restaurants have in common is their large serving sizes. 10-to-1, when you eat lunch or dinner at a Tex-Mex joint, you’re not going to walk away from your table still feeling hungry. A lot of us even leave with a box of leftover rice and refried beans to reheat and enjoy the next day! There’s a time and a place for tiny portions and entrées that are practically a work of fine art, but a Tex-Mex place is not it. If these restaurants spontaneously disappeared one day, where would we go for huge, steaming platters of food that will fill our bellies and warm our hearts? Speaking of which…

4.) We’d say goodbye to an entire category of comfort food

It’s no wonder that many folks gravitate toward Tex-Mex when they’re feeling sad or stressed. The warm entrées, full of meats, carbs and fresh veggies are just what the average person needs to lift their spirits. Toss in the fun, almost party-like atmosphere that most Tex-Mex places like to evoke in their décor and attitude, and you’ve got the makings of a great place to eat. A taco platter or enchilada special may not fix the problems in your life, but taking a detour into “Flavor Town” may provide a much-needed distraction.

5.) Margaritas would lose their luster

This cocktail, which inspired one of Jimmy Buffet’s hit singles, is a timeless classic and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better “partner” for it than a steaming plate of Tex-Mex food. Just like jelly is only so-so without peanut butter, and macaroni is second-rate without cheese, margaritas and Tex-Mex bring out the absolute best in each other. Consider this: when was the last time you saw someone drinking a margarita at an Italian restaurant or a Thai café? We rest our case.


To all of you Tex-Mex lovers out there: please rest assured that your favorite foods will still be there when you wake up tomorrow morning. There’s no need to panic, mope or start hoarding tortillas and #10 cans of enchilada sauce. As long as people love Tex-Mex food, Tex-Mex restaurants will continue to exist—and thrive!