3 Highly Annoying Habits of Lovers of Tex-Mex

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We begin with a little story. Al lives in Michigan. He was born and raised there. He likes Mexican food, but he eats it just now and then. He likes Mexican just as he likes many other kinds of food.

A little further south we have Al’s good friend Ted, whom Al has known since college. Ted lives in Dallas. He was born and raised there. Ted, however, is a Tex-Mex fanatic. He loves Tex-Mex food. When Al goes to visit Ted, they naturally head out to Ted’s favorite Tex-Mex eatery.

Being a Tex-Mex lover, Ted has to do things a certain way when he eats Tex Mex food, behaviors Al finds for the most part amusing. But occasionally, the two will bicker a little because sometimes Ted can go a little too far, and Al gets a bit annoyed.

If you were to ask Al to list three things that perplex or annoy him about Ted’s Tex-Mex fanaticism, he would list the following:

  1. Making sure each nacho chip has dip on it.

Ted can really get on Al’s nerves with this one. Al really doesn’t care if some of the nachos don’t have any dip on them, or only one or two of the dip ingredients on them.

But for Ted, this is not acceptable. Being a Tex-Mex aficionado, he knows that each chip has to have all of the ingredients on it – the beef, cheese, guacamole, peppers, sour cream, and whatever else. Eating a bare chip is just committing a crime against Tex-Mex cooking.

  1. Mixing together all of the things on his plate.

As every Tex-Mex lover knows, a good Tex-Mex meal comes with generous helpings of rice and refried beans. Now, you can eat each item separately. But a real Tex-Mex lover will mix them all together. And that is exactly what Ted does. This doesn’t annoy Al as much as Ted’s fetish with the chips, but it certainly amuses him to watch Ted make a jumbled mess on his plate.

  1. Pickled jalapenos on everything.

Al certainly likes a little spicy food now and then.  But he does get a little annoyed at Ted’s habit of throwing pickled jalapenos on just about everything. Even if the meal comes with jalapenos on the plate, Ted still gets a side order or two so he can cover everything else with them. Sometimes Al has to tell Ted to give it a rest.

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Image courtesy of stu_spivak/Flickr.com.