5 Reasons to Eat Tex Mex Food at Least Once a Week

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If you’re a fan of Tex Mex food we probably don’t have to convince you that it’s a good idea to eat it at least once a week

But what if you’re new to this delicious cuisine? Or what if you’ve heard that it’s very fattening and not good for you (all that cheese and beef!)?

But Tex Mex food is delicious and can be very healthy.

Read below for five reasons you should eat Tex Mex food at least once a week.

  1. Tex Mex is full of healthy vegetables. From tomatoes, to red and green peppers, black beans, and lettuce in your tacos or fajitos,  to a side dish of steamed vegetables such as yellow squash, green beans, green peppers, and more, Tex Mex can truly help you get one or even two servings of healthy vegetables.
  2. If you’re looking to lose weight, Tex Mex definitely is your friend. Swap out the beef in your taco for chicken or even fish. Ask your server to go easy on the cheese in your burrito and ask for chicken or fish as the meat instead.  Swap black beans for refried beans and ask for a side of steamed veggies instead of a side of refried beans.

You owe it to yourself to eat Tex Mex food at least once a week!

  1. Avocadoes provide a ton of heart-healthy good fats. Grill some fish, and place some avocado slices sprinkled with cilantro for a delicious and good-for-you meal.
  2. Burritos can be great – and healthy – “walking” food. That is, substitute fish, chicken or rice in a burrito. Makes sure it’s wrapped tightly and fold a napkin around one end. Start eating the other end and you’ll be able to eat lunch or dinner as you go!
  3. Eat healthy with Tex Mex most of the time, but when you’re really ready to indulge your need for delicious comfort food, Tex Mex delivers. Enjoy a hearty ground beef burrito or taco. Add a size of rib-sticking refried beans. Make sure to enjoy a side of rice. Opt for freshly made, still warm tortilla chips with guacamole to dip them in. Incredibly delicious and highly satisfying. We all deserve such a fulfilling meal at least once a month!

Have you had your weekly Tex Mex meal yet? If not – or even if you have – visit a Mattito’s location near you soon! We look forward to serving you!

Image courtesy of arztsamui/FreeDigitalPhotos.net