A Glossary of Tex Mex Foods

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We’ve put together a little glossary/dictionary of common and popular Tex Mex foods and words. Please understand that this is just a small sampling of the many different types of Tex Mex foods and dishes.

A short Tex Mex glossary/dictionary for you!

Arroz: this word means rice, particularly the white variety. It’s a mainstay in Tex Mex cuisine.

Barbacoa: a Mexican pot roast that is made from a cow’s head. The head is baked with steam for several hours until it’s tender enough to easily peel apart.

Bunuelos: fried pastries that look like tortillas. Often made during the Christmas holidays, this treat often is sprinkled with cinnamon.

Burrito:  large (usually about 10 inches in diameter) flour tortilla that can be filled with different types of food such as rice, meat, vegetables and cheese, and then wrapped tightly. Can be eaten with hands or with knife and fork

Carne: the Spanish word for meat. In Tex Mex cuisine, it usually refers to beef.

Chorizo: a Mexican sausage that’s been created using ground pork and lots of great spices

Cocina: the Spanish word for kitchen.

Comal: the round, flat skillet/grill/pan used to make tortillas.

Frijoles: pinto beans. If seen on a Tex Mex menu, it usually means refried beans.

Huevos: eggs.

Pico de gallo: the Spanish phrase for “beak of the rooster.” In Tex Mex cuisine it usually refers to a dip in which to dip tortillas while waiting for your meal.

Pollo: the Spanish word for chicken.

Queso: the Spanish word for cheese. Now you can see where “quesadilla” comes from.

Tomatillo: a small green fruit that’s (it’s a member of the gooseberry family) often used in making sauces.

Torta: a sandwich. Usually a sub-like sandwich, made one a bollilo (see above).

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Image courtesy of Praisaeno/FreeDigitalPhotos.net