August 31 is Eat Outside Day: Ideas for a Tex-Mex Barbecue

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It’s summertime. And that means outdoor barbecue. In fact, to commemorate the universally loved outdoor barbecue, August 31st has been named Eat Outside Day. And what better way to eat outside in celebration than with a Tex-Mex barbecue. If you are looking for a few ideas on what dishes to make, read on.

  1. Skirt steak fajitas.

Whoever invented this dish, he had to have grilling in mind. This is a Tex-Mex recipe made for the grill. After giving them a tasty marinade, the steaks grill up nicely and quickly. You can also grill up the peppers and onions.

  1. Stuffed poblanos with black beans and cheese.

Poblanos are great for stuffing and grilling. These peppers have a fruity taste, with just a hint of sweetness and spice. Experienced chefs like these peppers because they are large enough to get a good amount of filling inside, but not so big that the filling is all you can taste.

A filling really goes well with poblanos and brings out their taste. It is made with rice, black beans, cumin, sour cream, Cotija, cilantros, tomatoes, scallions and jalapeno.

3. Beer marinaded chicken tacos.

This recipe uses thigh meat, which many Tex-Mex grillers especially like because of their tenderness and flavor. Moreover, it is relatively easy to take the bone out and flatten the meat for the grill. And, because thighs have more fat on them, they grill up well.

Plus, there is a tasty marinade that really brings out the taste. You start with beer – some prefer the darker variety because of its flavor – then add sesame oil, garlic, oregano, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. The marinade brings out the flavor of the chicken, and makes it grill up to a nice brown color.

Then, to finish things off, pop the chicken and some guacamole into a corn tortilla and you are ready to feast.

  1. Chili spiced skirt steak tacos.

For this dish, before grilling, the skirt steak gets a chili dry rub. Then it’s sliced and put into warm corn tortillas, along with cilantro, tomatoes, and cilantro cream. Yum!

Eaten indoors or out, Tex-Mex food just screams summer! Visit the Mattito’s nearest you soon to enjoy sizzling-off-the-grill fajitas and more!