Eating Healthy and Light at Mattito’s

Posted in Healthy Eating

Losing weight and staying in shape is important to a vast range of people. We here at Mattito’s understand how important it is to our guests. We are proud to announce that many of our dishes are, in fact, quite light and healthy to eat. Even our dishes that seem to be heavy in calories and food can actually be made healthy by a few simple decisions.

For example, our delicious fajitas are well known for featuring tender beef and chicken. Our rice, beans and guacamole are also second to none. However, we also have an option of cutting out the meat and including mixed vegetables instead. Get that fajita without sour cream to help cut out even more calories.

Our taco salad is also a well known and delicious choice for many of our patrons. It features seasoned beef or chicken, in a taco shell and lettuce, guacamole, cheese, refried beans, sour cream and fresh tomatoes. Again, simply ask for it without the meat and sour cream. In fact, take out the cheese and you have a delicious and healthy meal.

Basically, our menu items can be altered any way you like, giving you the opportunity to cut out the unhealthy items and to eat healthier and lighter. However, many of our signature elements, such as our refried beans and rice remain in the dishes, keeping them tasty and healthy. Wash it down with a glass of complimentary water instead of soda or tequila to keep your meal even lighter and healthier.

Mattito’s offers a party service for banquets designed to benefit a wide range of people and situations. Any type of party is perfect for our banquets , as it can sit up to 200 people. Keep your party guests healthy and happy with our lean and healthy dishes.