How Tex Mex Differs from Traditional Mexican Food

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Tex Mex food often is used to describe Mexican food in restaurants today.

But real Mexican food – that which is found in Mexico – is quite a bit different from the cuisine we refer to as Tex Mex.

The food we serve here at Mattito’s, got its start from the Tejano culture that’s so vibrant here in Texas. (Tejanos are people of Mexican or even Spanish heritage who lived in Texas before it became a republic). Immigrants from northern Mexico also played a big role in the emergence of Tex Mex food.

Most people referred to the cuisine simply as Mexican food until about the 1970s, when the term Tex Mex rose in Texas to distinguish American “Mexican” cuisine from the cuisine eaten in Mexico.

Stuffed Beef and Cheese Sopapilla, a delicious Tex Mex dish.

Tex Mex food tends to use a lot of cheese; not so in Mexico. Tex Mex cuisine also uses beef as a main ingredient; rice and beans are a main ingredient in Mexico, with beef used as sort of garnish (for flavor).

Mexico residents tend to eat a lot of chicken and pork.

Enchiladas tend to be smothered in mole or a green tomatillo sauce, rather than cheese.

Cummin also is used considerably in Tex Mex cuisine (this spice is used much more frequently in the northern parts of Mexico and not as frequently in the southern regions).

So whether you refer to it as Mexican food or Tex Mex, come to the Mattito’s location closest to you soon to enjoy some of our absolutely delicious cuisine. Contact us today for more information.