Make your New Year’s Resolution- No Bad Mexican Food!

Posted in Holidays

New Years resolutions can be hard to keep. We here at Mattito's understand that we all want to lose those extra pounds, quit smoking, wake up earlier, get that promotion or any number of difficult and hard to manage resolutions. Is it any wonder that most resolutions fail? Why not make an easy resolution this year? Resolve to never eat bad Mexican food again. Instead, come to Mattito's for your party banquets or drop by anytime.

We have some of the best, most deliciousTex-Mex food in the area. We specialize in creating tasty, authentic food that uses only the best ingredients and the tenderest meats. Our fajitas are legendary: they are packed with meat, beans, rice, guacamole and sour cream. Our nachos come piled high with the fixings, including beef, chicken, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, olives and sour cream.

Our drink selection will make sure you never go thirsty. Our fine Mexican sodas come straight from across the border and offer a unique experience for our patrons. Imagine drinking a peaches and cream soda with your shrimp tacos. We also serve a fine selection of liquor, including our high quality tequila. Make sure you never drink and drive while out! Always have a designated driver that hasn't touched a drop of liquor. This helps avoid annoying car tickets and dangerous car crashes.

So, next time you have a New Years party and are considering different banquets, why not try our excellent services? Not only do we provide a place for your party and provide excellent, prompt, we'll help you keep that resolution by serving you only the finest Mexican food. We're jealous of each and everyone of our customers each time we serve them. After all, they get to eat our delicious food.