Tex Mex Food from A to Z

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Let’s have a bit of fun: read below for Tex Mex food from A to Z.

A. Avocado. So delicious. So good for you (lots of healthy fats). Slice some and place them in your tacos. Or whip up a great guacamole dip for your tortillas.

B. Beans. Whether they’re black, refried or pinto, beans are an important ingredient in Tex Mex food. They’re also extremely healthy eating (well, except for the refried beans. But they are soooo good….)

C. Celebration. Tex Mex food is great every day. But tacos or fajitas and some margaritas at your party? Fiesta time!

D. Desayuno. The Spanish word for breakfast. Why not try an American and Tex Mex blend of a scrambled egg burrito for breakfast tomorrow?

E. Every day. Many Texans look at Tex Mex cuisine as something to eat for special occasions (see the letter “C,” above). But we would like to encourage you to eat Tex Mex every day!

F. Fajitas. This delicious dish didn’t originate in Mexico, but the sizzling hot slices of steak, the grilled vegetables on top – heaven!

G. Guacamole. See “A,” above.

Tex Mex cuisine from A to Z.

H. Hot and sizzling. Or hot and spicy. Tex Mex food often is served quite hot (sizzling hot). Many of the cuisine’s spices also can make a meal spicy hot!

I. I love Tex Mex food! Do you?

J. Jalapenos. They are the most-used pepper in Tex Mex cuisine. Long live the jalapeno!

K. Kitchen. The place you want to be when Mom or Dad is cooking up a Tex Mex dish!

L. Love. How most people who’ve eaten Tex Mex describe how they feel about the cuisine

M. Mattito’s. Of course!

N. You thought we were going to say Nachos, didn’t you? And of course we were!

O. Olives. No Tex Mex salad is complete without them. Black olives, of course.

P. Pescado. The Spanish word for fish. Serve your next taco meal with fish instead of beef or chicken.

Q. Quesadilla. A warm tortilla served with melted cheese inside. The Tex Mex version of comfort food!

R. Roasted vegetables. Don’t want rice or beans as a side dish? Ask your waiter for a side of roasted vegetables. Healthy and delicious!

S. Salsa. Whether you like it mild or so spicy steam comes out of your ears, no Tex Mex meal is the same without some salsa.

T. Tacos. Tortillas. Tortas. Taquitos.Tamales. The list of Tex Mex foods that start with “T” goes on and one and one and on….

U. Uva pasa. The Spanish word for raisin. Add some raisins to your next bread pudding recipe for a subtly sweet flavor.

V. Vegetariano or Vegetariana. The male or female vegetarian. Serve burritos filled with rice and beans – the perfect vegetarian Tex Mex meal!

W. Why not eat Tex Mex every day? We ask you: Why not?

X. Extra tortilla chips for the guacamole, please!

Y. You. You and your family should eat more Tex Mex food more regularly.

Z. Zapatos. The Spanish word for shoes. Get your zapatos/shoes on and get yourself to the Mattito’s location nearest you!

Image courtesy of Naypong/FreeDigitalPhotos.net